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Stupidity doesn’t merit government bailout

Get-rich-quick dupe should get job, therapist

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Dear Real Estate Ethicist, Last month, between an infomercial on a miracle anti-wrinkle cream and a pitch for a one-minute pasta maker, I heard about a program for buying a house with government funds. I bought the tapes after calling an 800 number and giving the operator my credit card. I listened to the tapes, and now I realize that I was duped. Shouldn't the government be doing something about this? –Feeling Stupid Dear Feeling Stupid, This column is about ethics, not gullible couch potatoes who fall for get-rich schemes on television. But here is some advice: get a job, get a shrink and stop asking the government to bail you out when you take stupid actions. –Real Estate Ethicist Got a question for the Ethicist? Send it to *** Send a Letter to the Editor for publication.Send a comment or news tip to our newsroom. Please include the headline of the story. ...