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‘Never pack a dead snail’

Profile: NY Times Digital CEO to speak at Real Estate Connect

Martin Nisenholtz will speak at Real Estate Connect July 28-30 in San Francisco. Martin Nisenholtz doesn't have any nicknames or New Year's resolutions, but he has an abundance e-mail addresses–so many indeed that he's lost count of all of them. The CEO of New York Times Digital was named to his current position in June 1999 after a four-year stint as president of The New York Times Electronic Media Co. In that position, he was responsible for the development and delivery of electronic products centered around the content of the newspaper. In October 1998, he was given the additional corporate responsibility of leading new media activities. Prior to joining The Times, he was director of content strategy for Ameritech Corp, where he was responsible for guiding development of new video programming opportunities and interactive information and advertising services. Here's an Inman News-style look at the man himself: IN: Which daily newspaper do you read and which section of the ne...