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The new new thing with virtual real estate tours

3D imaging, hologram printers put architects, home buyers inside house design

SAN FRANCISCO–Architects of the future might one day take home buyers into a demo room with a 150-degree curved screen, hand them a pair of 3D glasses, then take them on a walk through their new home–virtually. The architect might set up a three-dimensional, hologram image of the home or even print out a physical model of the neighborhood. Those were some of the scenarios presented at the future of design exhibits on display at Wired magazine's NextFest here last weekend. Tell us your wackiest ideas of what the future will be like for real estate agents. Barco Simulation and Digital Artforms collaborated to showcase the BR Center for virtual reality, which consists of a 150-degree rigid, cylindrical projection screen that immerses viewers in a three-dimensional, computer-generated world. A Digital Artforms software engineer showed viewers how architects or engineers could use the screen along with the company's software to immerse themselves inside a building they wer...