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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

Rookie, put down the pen and sell!
Published on Jul 1, 2004

Re: 'Rookie Realtor plagued by advice to quit' (June 30) Dear Rookie: I suggest you quit spending so much time writing and get to work selling. You discuss your failures so much that you have no room for success. I don't hire part time a salesperson or be a really don't have time to be both. Debra K LeisekBrokerBay RealtyAlaska Dear Rookie: If it's any consolation, I've ordered your Rookie Toolkit for $14.95. I hope you receive some money out of that, and it will help you hang in there and get established in the business–the same thing I'm trying to do. Robert [email protected] Dear Rookie: Athough you are a rookie yourself, you have a lot more experience than I do because I am still trying to decide if I want to change careers and become a real estate agent. I am a decorative painter (faux finishes), and the labor involved is starting to wear me down. I love decorating, houses, etc., and think I would enjoy selling houses to buyers. No...