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Hurricane victim speaks out

Guest perspective: What it's like to leave home

Editor's note: Shirley A. Moore is a Florida resident who recently had to leave her home amidst some of the worst hurricanes on record. She shared the following with Inman News on what it's like to have to leave your home, uncertain what will happen to it. See related story, "Packing up and leaving home." It is indeed traumatic to leave your home when a serious storm threatens. I didn't have enough time to evacuate before (Hurricane) Charley hit because I went to bed the night before the storm arrived believing Charley would hit Tampa and Tarpon Springs – and woke up on Friday the 13th faced with the fact that Charley was barreling toward us like a steam train. Honestly, we didn't have time to evacuate. Charley rolled right through my community. The devastation was unbelievable. I did evacuate when (Hurricane) Frances threatened Florida because I felt that I was still emotionally traumatized from Hurricane Charley, and also because my house had been damaged. I believe that for ...