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Real estate technology touts paperless transaction

EMortgage Studio enables digital signatures, electronically registered eMortgage

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Document Processing Systems today released the DPS eMortgage Studio, a mortgage processing system that recently provided the technology to complete a truly paperless, digitally-signed and electronically MERS-registered eMortgage. The DPS eMortgage Studio provides a secure Web-based work environment that is used to electronically create, execute, register and store all documents for a settlement. The system includes three interconnected modules: The DPS eMortgage WorkSpace is the online document preparation collaborative environment that hosts all parties including lenders, title agents, borrowers, sellers and attorneys. In the DPS eMortgage Closing Table, digital signing technology and embedded process controls eliminate "wet" signatures, while automatically enforcing pre-determined rules to ensure consistency and quality control. The final module is the DPS eMortgage Repository that allows for secure document delivery, storage and retrieval throughout the life of the loan. The ...