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Real estate capitalizes on new breed of first-time buyers

Opportunities abound in investment property

As median sales prices have climbed throughout the country, many buyers are unable to purchase property in the city where they live. As a result, many buyers are purchasing their first home far from where they live. With just a few minor adjustments in your marketing strategies, you can capitalize upon this growing trend. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer contained an interesting article about a young couple who lived in Manhattan. The couple could not afford to purchase a home in Manhattan, even though they were paying $2,600 per month in rent. To capitalize on the benefits of home ownership, they decided to purchase an $80,000 home back in their hometown in Michigan. The article went on to discuss this growing trend for buyers who cannot afford pricey housing. You can capitalize on this opportunity by following the steps below: 1. Prospect high-end rentals If you live in an area where many find home ownership out of reach, consider prospecting high-end ...