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Colorado regulator made title insurance sexy

Profile: Erin Toll's title investigation launched national probe

Erin Toll, deputy insurance commissioner of Colorado and former title insurance researcher, launched a national title insurance scandal, won a payment of about $24 million for consumers and did something no one was ever able to do before: she made title insurance sexy. Toll's investigation of nine Colorado title insurers eventually led to the refunding of about $24 million to consumers by First American Title Insurance Co., and sparked dozens of similar investigations nationwide in states including Florida, Washington, California, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Washington. Even now, real estate-related companies are shaking in their boots waiting for the next shoe to drop, as the New York Department of Insurance begins a similar probe and California's insurance commissioner asks the Department of Housing and Urban Development to pursue the home builders and banks he says were involved in insurance kickbacks. Perhaps even more importantly, consumers are talking about a form of ins...