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HouseValues launches new national Web site

HomePages maps real estate listings, neighborhood amenities

You think you've found your dream home online. The photo on the Web site looks great – it has the proper amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the price is right. But how close is it to the local pizza place, the city library, the post office, a cocktail lounge or a high-performing elementary school? Mixing mapping with detailed property, neighborhood and community data, HouseValues has launched HomePages, a Web site that is designed to drum up more business for agents while supplying consumers with new house-hunting tools. HouseValues is well known in the industry for its lead-generation and lead-management systems for real estate agents and brokers. The HomePages site will supply a huge database of online property listings through the company's network of agents while seeking to supply a new stream of leads to these agents. Prospective buyers and sellers can search for-sale homes by city and state, address, intersection, ZIP code, school district, and neighborhood features. In...