Time to prepare for those high winter energy bills

Checklist for homeowners
Published on Oct 14, 2005

It happens every year. Summer turns to fall and we're never ready for the change -- and neither are our homes. The coming winter seems to be promising higher fuel costs across the nation, so this year it's really going to pay to grab a weekend and concentrate your efforts on ways to keep your house warmer and your utility bills more affordable. Here's a checklist to help you get started. ___ Check the heating system: A heating system tune-up is always in order this time of year. This should include changing the filter in your furnace; having your ducts cleaned; checking and possibly increasing insulation over ductwork running through the attic or crawlspace; clearing debris and overhanging shrubbery from around outdoor heat pump equipment; and having faulty or inefficient thermostats repaired or replaced. ___ Check insulation levels: Out of sight, out of mind is something that typically applies to insulation, to make it a point to check your insulation levels and improve them whereve...