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Writing a real estate Web site

Diary of a real estate flipper

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Using the Web for lead generation is one thing; but a lot of real estate agents react with sheer terror when it comes to setting up their own Web sites (not to mention blogs). I have to do it, too, so I nudged marketing consultant Linda Alexander of for a few tips. Check out her site if you can; it's cleanly designed and the "portfolio" section is full of free tips for writers. Q: Every real estate agent now feels it's about Web, Web, Web. Any tips for someone who is just starting to design his/her own page or site? A: Keep it simple as far as language and design; don't crowd your pages with too many words; and focus on your customers and the benefit they can get from you instead of focusing on yourself. Q: A lot of Realtors seem to design their Web sites by looking at ... other sites. How can an agent break out of the copy sound-alike trap? A: You need to differentiate yourself from other Realtors just as you would in any other aspect of the business; emphasize ...