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Tough break in gnarly real estate world

Diary of a real estate flipper

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Four months into my real estate gig and things are NOT working as I'd hoped. I still have no contracts with my flipping partners; worse, I have no connections. I had been told I would meet the mayor of East Orange, N.J., "before the end of the year" – and that time has come and gone. One of the partners in the venture had asked me to write down exactly what it is I needed. I'm good at writing stuff down, so I came up with a cover letter and four action points. I pled "I cannot succeed with you all being solely a source of passive capital -- if that was all I needed, I would have stayed in New York, where my friends and contacts are." I'll spare you most of the fine print, but here's what I thought I needed: A speaking venue: I still think this would be a great way to serve an underserved community – to offer an actual information seminar at a library, say. And I have the resume for it – I've spoken at the Javits Center, for heaven's sake. (For those of you who aren'...