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Coffee and condos

Diary of a real estate rookie

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As information becomes more and more widely available, real estate becomes more and more a game of great customer service. And great customer service can be learned, but it cannot be faked. This insight came to me this morning as I stood in my local Starbucks -- dripping with the remains of a tall coffee the counter girl had just spilled on me. It was one of those terrible accidents -- she fumbled the cup with her hands, and it just went sploosh -- all over my laptop (possibly the most expensive thing I own) and, of course, me. And, yes, I was wearing white linen shorts. So the people at Starbucks corporate offered me a $30 gift card -- five hours later. The people at Starbucks local didn't apologize. They handed me dry paper towels, but not wet ones. They refused me access to a phone to call my husband. They made an incident report, and wouldn't give me a copy. Honestly, if they'd just offered to pay my dry cleaning bill and looked sympathetic, I would have been fine. But ...