Homeowner’s association sued over healing dog

Canine allowed to stay, but residents allege discrimination

John Dubois and Timothy Prindable lived in a Honolulu condominium on the beach at Waikiki, across from Kapiolani Park and near Diamond Head. The condo by-laws say, "No animals ... shall be permitted on the premises, except that qualified individuals with disabilities may have assistance animals." In January 2000, Dubois brought home "Einstein," an English bulldog. Dubois and Prindable submitted to the association several letters from doctors recommending they be allowed to keep Einstein for "medical reasons" but without further details. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Upon request by the homeowner's association, they submitted letters from a behavioral medicine specialist and two doctors stating Prindable suffered depression and he would benefit from animal-assisted therapy. The condo homeowner's association then granted Dubois and Prindable temporary permission to keep Einstein, pending review of Prindable's medical condition. However, Prindable then filed a housing discrimination ...