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Real estate cos. offer range of services

Survey: Secondary services include property management, relocation

The majority of real estate firms across the country focus on residential brokerage, and many firms offer secondary services such as property management and relocation, according to a survey released today. The survey, conducted by the National Association of Realtors trade group, showed the diversity of services and business models offered at the nation's real estate brokerage firms. Eighty-four percent of real estate firms in the survey offer secondary business activities, and an increasing number of firms offer related business activities and services. More than three-quarters now offer one or more ancillary services, up from half of firms in 2004, the survey found. Eighty-one percent of firms offer residential brokerage, and 36 percent provide commercial brokerage as a secondary activity; 55 percent of large residential firms have a relocation department. In terms of primary real estate activity, 81 percent focus on residential brokerage, 6 percent commercial, 5 percent property ...