HUD inspectors do buyers disservice

Likelihood greater that defects will be overlooked

Dear Barry, I've been renting my home for seven years and am now in the process of buying it. I was approved for a HUD housing program and need to prepare for a HUD inspection. What conditions should my landlord and I look at before that inspection takes place? --Kathy Dear Kathy, If you have lived in the home for seven years, you have probably noticed whatever defects would be obvious and apparent to the untrained eye. As a buyer preparing to make a costly investment, you should rely on the expertise of an experienced home inspector, not a HUD inspector. HUD inspectors do not perform the in-depth level of evaluation that would be standard procedure for a qualified, experienced home inspector. To ensure that you obtain adequate disclosure and to reduce the chances of costly mistakes, hire a home inspector with many years of experience and a reputation for thoroughness. Dear Barry, We had a home inspection that was provided by a relocation company, and now we have a problem...