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Before I was in real estate, during those heady years of steady paychecks, paid vacation, retirement benefits and weekends off, I was familiar with the term, "Top Producer." This label, trumpeted with pride, was usually followed by the words "Million Dollar Club." I didn't know what a Million Dollar Club was, but I knew a million bucks sounded like a lot of money, so it was a natural leap to assume that members of this club were not overly consumed with the price of Wonder Bread. We don't have Million Dollar Clubs anymore; that would just be silly. Anyone with a mortgage and at least one DNA match living at home knows that a million dollars is actually one-thousand thousand dollars. In my home state of California, that will get you a nice five-bedroom tract home, or about six tanks of gas (assuming you don't top off). But, we still have our top producers. I attended one of my company's top producer breakfast meetings recently. Several years ago, thes...