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Dos and don’ts of postcard marketing

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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Every so often, I like to take a break from doing my own marketing to see what works on me. I got a perfect chance to do this because we are selling the beach house, which has occasioned a flood of postcards from moving companies. I'm not quite sure what tipped them off -- I haven't filed a change of address yet, and I can't imagine that these movers are roaming the neighborhood looking for "for sale" signs. My best guess is that they somehow monitor the multiple listing service and see a contract has been signed. Anyway, I went to gather my mail out there and found that in a week I had accumulated 11 different pieces of direct mail related to my move. These solicitors all had the advantage that they were talking to a prepped target audience -- I will have to move my furniture out -- so I wasn't just going to pitch the postcards the way I normally toss the "hey, subscribe to the newspaper" kind of stuff. Instead, I spread all the pieces of mail out on t...