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Brokers go virtual; agents take field

Perspective: Roadmap to Recovery Q&A

Editor's note: Inman News is seeking input for our "Roadmap to Recovery" editorial project, which focuses on the future of the real estate industry. Find out how to participate at This article features responses by real estate agent Tim White to a set of 10 forward-thinking questions. You can view this list of questions at: -- if we publish your responses you win a free pass to the upcoming Real Estate Connect conference (for new registrants only). The following is an Inman News Q&A with Tim White of Century 21 Carole White Associates in West Roxbury, Mass.: Q: Imagine how the real estate industry will be different when we recover from the current downturn. A: Lean and mean. Those surviving post-downturn brokerages will begin the new era as slim and fit operators, as opposed to the fat and lazy "we've-had-too-much-to-eat-and-can't-see-our-toes" behemoths of days long past. The next-generation brokerage model...