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Real estate brokers must seize the reins

Essay: Roadmap to Recovery

Editor's note: This guest essay is a part of the Roadmap to Recovery editorial project, which focuses on the future of the real estate industry. Essays should be 400 words or less and should detail your views on how to reinvent the industry and revive the housing market. Authors of essays published in full will get a free pass to the upcoming Real Estate Connect conference (for new registrants only), and the author of the top essay will receive $500. Send your essays to By JAY TERESI You would think that after the tumultuous drop in real estate values and sales, the influx of national lead aggregators, and the negative view of agents by consumers, that something would change in the real estate model. Unfortunately, several factors have led to the status quo. First, there is the agent-broker mindset that listing information is private property. This (mindset also extends to) the local multiple listing service, since it is made up of regional broker groups. An...