Beyond brick and mortar

Rethinking the real estate office


Internet-capable handheld devices are deploying typical office functions in the field, allowing real estate professionals to be increasingly less reliant on a brick-and-mortar brokerage building.

Today’s real estate office can be a car, a coffee shop or most any location within reach of a signal tower or Wi-Fi hot spot.

An increasingly virtual brokerage office can serve many purposes. Shifting from paper documents to electronic documents can create greater efficiencies and improve tracking in the transaction process. There is also the simple "greening" effect of curbing paper waste.

The increasing use of Web applications and Web metrics allows brokers and agents to better measure productivity and their bang for the buck in marketing while keeping up with instant updates in property status.

This month, Inman News is focusing coverage on rethinking the traditional brokerage office and new innovations in "virtual" brokerage operations.

It’s part of a series of monthly topics that Inman News will be highlighting in our coverage throughout the year. This month, for example, we are focusing coverage on issues related to real estate compensation, including percentage-based commissions and alternative pay models for the industry (click here for details).

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