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Don’t overregulate real estate

Perspective: The 10 Points List

Editor's note: Inman News has compiled a list of 10 reforms for the real estate industry (see "Reforming Real Estate"). We invite your discussion in refining this list. Send any suggestions and commentary to The following essay is a guest contribution written in response to the list. By DOUG PATTERSON I'm certainly not against regulation, and I'm not trying to defend the status quo. I'm against BAD regulation, and against government interference in free markets. I'm also opposed to CHANGE for the sake of itself. The discussion is good, but let's be sure we use our brains and THINK about the consequences of change. MORE GOVERNMENT never helps anything because governments are not subject to, and therefore don't understand, free markets. The whole reason for regulation is consumer protection, and it should be. However, a lot of what passes for consumer protection is just political grandstanding to get media attention and contributions. Left to itsel...