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Betting on bedrooms near subways

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As developers jockey for position and figure out how to make money in this market, the chants of transit-oriented development continue, reports Globe St. -- and everyone is writing off the suburbs. At Wednesday's Urban Land Institute conference, "At The Crossroads: Transportation and Development," held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Christopher B. Leinberger, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, speculated that after the market bottoms out, "the vast majority of building permits ... will probably be in urban environments and transit-oriented development ... Add to that formula increasing energy costs and "boredom with drivable suburbanism," Leinberger said, "and it all equals tremendous pent up demand.' " According to Globe St., the panelists also tried to come up with an answer to what'll follow the condo boom. Their answer: The rental boom.View post at (c) 2009 LLC *** What's your opinion? L...