Renting to 'tenants from hell'

Incessant trouble prompts question: Evict or sell?

Q: I am the owner of a single-family residence and seem to have rented to the tenants from hell. They have been complainers from Day 1. The husband is a contractor, and in the beginning I had him doing some of the repairs to the house, but the list of their needs never seemed to stop.

A few months ago, I received a four-page list of items requiring repairs to the property. The house is more than 30 years old and definitely has had some deferred maintenance issues. I responded to the tenants letting them know that I had received their list and that I was scheduling independent inspections of the property. I live out of state so I made arrangements to travel and meet with the local inspectors. Once I notified the tenants of my plans, they contacted the city and filed a formal complaint.