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Conclusion close for contest to ‘insult’ suburbs

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Design magazines Inhabitat and Dwell are sponsoring a "Re-burbia" contest, the purpose of which is "re-envisioning the suburbs." And by "re-envision," they mean "fix," because the suburbs are hopelessly broken, don't you know? Look, obviously we're not so into suburbs ourselves; but even we -- strident, shrill, infuriating we -- are a little taken aback by how unapologetic this contest is in its rejection of highways, mansions and strip malls. And are these even remotely practical, or even possible? Curbed LA points out the "Airbia" entry, which involves dense housing on airships, while Bustler admires garden medians and farms suspended over parking lots -- and an N.Y. Times blog doesn't have any opinion one way or the other, which sort of defeats the point of having a blog, doesn't it? Oh, but the comments are combative and negative, so at least there's that. Reposted with permission from Click here to view or...