Buyer's big mistake with agent, repairs

Home Sale Hindsight

Q: I heard that the best way to choose my real estate agent was by getting a reference. So I asked around, and got a referral to a friend of a friend. He’s been a great guy to hang around with, but something is wrong. He’s late all the time, and one time he even called me at the exact time we were supposed to meet, to say he was sitting down to get his hair cut, so he’d be a couple of hours late! Also, he’s showed me a couple of places I like, but for the most part, the homes he shows me have none of the features I asked for.

The last straw was when I got into contract on this house, and after I paid for $5,000 of repairs that the city required to be done before letting us close the deal, he told me my loan "fell through." I don’t even really know what that means, but after a year of house hunting, I’m moving on to another agent. What did I do wrong here?