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Real estate’s Web 2.0 science lesson

Letters From the Home Front

An agent wrote recently on his blog, "If you are not ahead of the technology curve, you are behind and I mean WAY BEHIND!" These words were penned by someone I know and respect -- a very smart dude -- so I have no doubt he intended to inspire and deliver us all unto 21st-century greatness. But, I also suspect that the vast majority of agents who happened to read these words have long since assumed the fetal position, fully prepared to let their licenses lapse. I wanted to smack him (in a friendly sort of way, of course). What am I "behind" in? I agree that agents have to know about the changing technological landscape, much like we had to get a well-rounded education in school. But like school, you don't have to major in any one discipline to succeed. Once again, I think it boils down to one's interpretation of the term "technology," or let's just call it "science." Years ago my daughter decided to enter her school science fair. She de...