Trust thy agent?

Home Sale Hindsight

Q: I am a first-time homebuyer in my fifties, and I have a problem with real estate agents. I am very private about my finances, and everyone I run into asks me questions that I’m not comfortable answering.

My mother grew up during the Depression and instilled in me a sense that I should be very skeptical, take my time making decisions and not just trust anyone who claims to be an expert. These values have stood me in good stead throughout my whole life, but they seem to cause me to clash with real estate agents, who want me to take their advice and make offers immediately, even though that’s not my style.

I’ll find one, work with them for awhile and then things fall apart. The last one actually told me that she wouldn’t work with me anymore. What am I doing wrong here? I thought they would be much more grateful for my business than they seem to be.