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Kris Berg goes viral in vook?

Broker, writer makes light of real estate

Kris Berg is known to bring tears to Inman News readers’ eyes — usually from laughing hard at her pointed, poignant and painfully funny real estate industry observations and insights.

You may know her well through her words as a reader of her weekly real estate column at Inman News, "Letters from the Home Front," and now you can get to know her in a new medium: vook.

"Keeping it Real (estate): A Guide to Life, Happiness and the Pursuit of Property" (click here for a sneak preview) features a collection of 14 columns and 14 accompanying video vignettes in which Berg discusses the daily chaos and challenges that are par for her profession.

Berg is designated broker and co-owner of San Diego Castles Realty in San Diego, Calif.

Vooks, a creation of Inman News publisher and longtime innovator Brad Inman, combine text and video to create a multimedia package. They can be viewed via a Web-based application on a desktop computer or a mobile application if you are on the go.

"The problem with real estate is you never know what to expect. Every day you get up and you’re a Pop-Tart," Berg explains in one of the vook’s videos, which include colorful, comical animations. "You’re in full-response mode: code red."

She adds: "Try as we might to schedule our time, it’s just not a reality in this business. Prioritizing for me is like, ‘Whose hair is on fire? Whose is not?’ "

"Keeping it Real (estate)," created by San Diego filmmaker Robert Chapman, includes tips on using Web 2.0 technology, getting to know your customers better, and developing better marketing and branding strategies.

The vook is available for free to all Inman News Premium Members (who were sent access instructions by e-mail on Thursday, Dec. 17) and the cost is otherwise $6.99.

Note to Premium Members: Call (510) 658-9252, ext. 143, for assistance if you are unable to access the Vook, or e-mail


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