Lifting the veil on homeownership

REThink Real Estate
Published on Jan 7, 2010

In my world, the biggest news story of 2009 had zero to do with Michael Jackson, Jon and/or Kate, or even the literally and figuratively overexposed Tiger Woods.Instead, the biggest story of the year -- maybe even the decade -- in my real-estate-fixated consciousness was The Big Rethink: Americans' wholesale reconsideration of whether homeownership still belongs in "The American Dream." You see, in my business I rethink, therefore I am. My company, my Web site, this column, my book series, my "brand" -- all are called REThink Real Estate. Since 2006, I have literally traveled coast to coast and back again (and again) hollering "REThink real estate!" from the rooftops and satellite media tours.This, all because I became convinced through personal experience that real estate presented the purest opportunities ever to consciously design and upgrade our lifestyles. What I didn't fully appreciate at the beginning of the decade was that if real estat...