The home inspection 'swindle'?

Reader questions value amid defect, building code issues

DEAR BARRY: Say what you will about the benefits of home inspection … (inspectors) deny liability for the many defects they miss in their inspections, and they kill deals by applying current building codes to old houses. Your column often contains stories about incompetent home inspectors, but then you turn around and recommend home inspections. What’s up with that? –Kent

DEAR KENT: A home inspection can be of great benefit to homebuyers, or it can be a swindle, as you so bluntly put it. It all depends on which home inspector you choose for the job. You can hire a newly minted home inspector, fresh from the online training course, with little or no field experience. In that case, the inspection would not be very thorough, and you would probably feel that you had been swindled. Or you could hire a home inspector who panders to unethical real estate agents in exchange for future referrals. In that case, you would definitely be the victim of a swindle.