Non-cash buyers jump through hoops

Home Sale Hindsight

Q: I’m trying to buy a house and have made offers on foreclosures and on regular homes. I’ve had about eight different offers rejected. Almost every time, the sellers said they took an all-cash offer. But after they closed, a bunch of them actually sold for less than my offer! I don’t understand this — after closing, isn’t the money the seller gets from my bank’s mortgage just as good as the cash they get from a cash buyer’s money? If so, why wouldn’t they want more (meaning, my offer)?

A: Money is money, so you’re correct — more is better. But that’s an overly simplistic view of something that has gotten much more complicated than ever recently: a seller’s decision as to which offer to take. There are some very significant differences between "your money" (i.e., a mortgage-financed offer) and a cash offer.