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Get ready for ‘virtually virtual’ office

3-D home tours, QR codes, social TV will be the rage in 2020

Editor's note: Inman News is exploring what the next decade may hold for real estate professionals in "2020 Re-Envision: The Future of Real Estate Brokerage," an editorial project that features a survey and related articles. Readers are invited to submit guest essays detailing their vision of the future for the real estate brokerage industry. Send your guest essay to [email protected] by Feb. 28, 2010. Disclaimer: These predictions were revealed to me by a mystic Tarot card reader in San Francisco. Since, by 2020, most information on homes has become public and listed on the Internet -- a wealth of data ranging from factual stats, past sales history, taxes, RPR data (once held confidential by Realtors), and neighborhood and school data -- most buyers are not using brokers to find homes. Houses are found on the most popular real estate Web sites -- Craigslist, Wal-Mart and TruZilla, a merged portal. Buyers also watch the local television channels of brokers, with soci...