Disaster-proof your home, finances

Book Review: 'The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide'
Published on Apr 6, 2010

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There are lots of books about how to invest and stockpile assets in the event of a financial emergency, like a depression or job loss. In "The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis," small caps investment specialist Sean Broderick goes one further, covering all sorts of natural and market disasters, and offering a guidebook for disaster-proofing your household by making it as self-sufficient as possible, without giving up the 21st century creature comforts to which we're all accustomed.

This book appeals to both the Y2K set and the more reasonable Boy/Girl Scout types among us, who simply experience a comfort level only when living up to their eternal mandate to be prepared. While the introductory mat