Bring Russian buyers to your real estate market

International event seeks to broaden agents' horizons

A new event will be held in Moscow this fall to help U.S. real estate agents break into the Russian buyer market, according to overseas property news and networking site

Russian Summit is a collaboration between Global Edge and Russian exhibition and media company aiGroup. The event will take place at the World Trade Center in the Russian capital on Nov. 11 and 12. It will be made up of an English-language conference as well as a dual-language exhibition for Russian agents.

According to a press release, the organizers guarantee a minimum of 100 local agent attendees and there will be interpreters on hand to facilitate introductions.

"There are a number of successful international property shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg but they are all aimed at the end consumer. There has never been anything focused on helping agents and developers both understand the market and more importantly meet local agents who can refer business," said Ashley Rigg, director of Global edge, in a statement.

Every company attending will get the opportunity to set up a table in the exhibition hall and have their listings translated to Russian for promotion to Russian agents, according to organizers.

International companies that will send speakers to the event include Knight Frank Russia, Intermark Savills, Gordon Rock, and YooBulgaria, among others.

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