2010 real estate tech predictions revisited

Midyear hindsight on Google, mobile and more

Now that most of 2010 is done and we’re staring down the barrel of fall and early winter, I figured it might be worthwhile to revisit some of the predictions that I made for Inman News waaaay back in December 2009.

Those end-of-year and beginning-of-year predictions always make a fun read, but I’ve also always been a little peeved by the way they get tossed out and then so often forgotten.

Since I’ve written one, I figure it’s my obligation to do a check-in and see how it went (or didn’t).

My main thrust is in how people are using technology. It’s not enough for new tech or ideas to come to fruition if no one is using it yet. My belief that we are in the early days of a significant change in the way people distribute and consume information is at the heart of many of the predictions I made those many months ago.