A critique on real estate imaging tech

Industry pros put photos, file-sharing to the test

This past summer, I received an e-mail from a marketer working with the Eastman Kodak Co., informing me about a suite of products the imaging company had put together specifically for the real estate professional. I ignored the e-mail.

The young intern from the marketing firm, who was given the tedious task of trying to get the media interested in the Kodak products, was dutifully persistent and she sent me a follow-up note. This one got my attention. I occasionally feature in this column new technology products, software or Internet programs, so why shouldn’t I look at hardware as well. I decided to talk with the folks from Kodak.

"Obviously, Kodak has been in the imaging market for a very long time, primarily in the consumer and commercial printing space, but after looking at our portfolio of products and solutions from a small-office/home-office perspective, we targeted that market," explained Veneeta Eason, Kodak’s worldwide business development manager.