Mobile app allows real estate agents to ‘buy’ ZIP code areas

Complete Homes, Complete Foreclosures, Complete Rentals available as free downloads

I decided to call Daniel Burrus, entrepreneur and technology forecaster, because I saw that he was going international with his suite of iPhone and iPad apps, which includes Complete Homes and Complete Rentals. However, once I got him on the phone, we spent a lot more time discussing how he transformed his company's apps business into a marketing tool for Realtors.

Burrus is one of those fascinating people who attempt to stay five steps ahead of the market. His company, Burrus Research, seeks out global innovations in all areas of technology, and, as he told me, "I developed a model 26 years ago for predicting technology change, and I've been extremely accurate."

He founded five other companies, including Visionary Apps LLC, which creates smartphone and tablet tools.

"I didn't start out thinking real estate," he said. "When I looked at where things were going, there were few business apps. I came up with 100 apps I...