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US economy stands to gain in Europe’s financial ‘endgame’

Commentary: Will it be bailout or dominoes?

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The most important economic news each month, by far, is the early-month count of jobs created or lost in the prior month.

All markets were poised for better figures in this morning's report for June, but the actual was jaw-dropping: only 18,000 jobs gained, April-May revised down 44,000, and hourly earnings fell 0.1 percent. The one surprising reaction: the Dow is off only 110 points. Stunned, drunk, or both.

Enough of that. Find some entertainment in deals cooking all over the place.

My take:

  • We're going to get a National Football League labor deal, maybe this weekend, which is a great thing for those of us stuck in a market with a losing Major League Baseball team. Even if the area's NFL team is just as bad, at least we won't have to face it until September. It's sort ...