Riding out a tough real estate market

Cycling gives agent a fresh perspective on daily work

It all started off with a small announcement in the community activities paper: "First Annual Fondo."

"A scenic journey through pine trees, mountain landscape and luscious lake country. Recreational bicyclists and professionals alike will enjoy this fun 85-mile ride through some of the most beautiful country Oregon has to offer." I was intrigued. I love to bike! My 1988 Schwinn emerald-green-with-black-splatter-paint mountain bike has taken me lots of fun places: the video rental place, the coffee shop, the park. Why not majestic, scenic beauty?

I imagined myself cruising past a clear blue lake and waving at the kids with fishing poles. I casually told my husband this Fondo thing would be a great adventure — like hang gliding or hiking K2. But he agreed with me. "Oh, but it’s next month," I read. "We’d have to train pretty hard." He agreed again. What? I was not actually expecting agreement, so this meant I better up-the-ante.

"If we are really going to ride in a bicycle rally we should ride a tandem!" Well … he agreed again! His friend has a tandem we could use. Oh my gosh.