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My husband had no sooner wrapped his most recent anecdote about a friend who, having been laid off a year ago, was about to throw in the job-search towel and "just become a Realtor" when I found myself watching a television crime drama in which the scene was re-enacted. The drug runner, while under interrogation, confessed to the crime.And he copped a plea: "I'm just doing this until I get my real estate license." Ha, ha, ha! Good one! Keep in mind this was a drama, but I got the punch line. It seems to be pandemic, this notion that salvation for the underemployed or the unemployed is to simply get a real estate license. But, most of these folks just don't know what they're getting into. Everything comes with a warning label these days. Even my toaster comes with a warning label ("Do not operate bread browning device while spot welding in the shower"). So, why not a real estate license? "This offer is nontransferable, non-negotiable and doe...