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In real estate, visitor experience trumps customer service

A poor website will click off potential prospects ... maybe forever

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What business are you in? If you said "real estate," or "customer service," I understand. But -- how can I say this kindly? -- that thinking is so yesterday. Today is the day you will remember as the day you finally understood your role as a real estate agent. What a great way to close out 2011 and bring in 2012! For years, I thought my business was brokering real estate. After all, I am called a "real estate broker." Plus, since I was not paid until my real estate deals closed and the checks cleared, I considered myself a "salesperson." Then one day I started a survey on LinkedIn asking other agents what they thought was the No. 1 thing needed to learn to be successful in real estate. I thought they would tell me to be a good closer, or learn scripts, or learn to prospect. Not so. Almost to an agent, more than 100 of them said -- in one way or another -- that I was in the customer service business. Excellent customer service is our ga...