A doggy whodunit for landlords

Rent it Right

Q: At my property, which is dog-friendly, I’ve got a really bad hygiene problem. Despite my best efforts to educate my tenants (and catch offenders), some tenants are not cleaning up after their dogs. I’ve read about a company that can trace dog (doo-doo) to the dog (and the owner) by matching the DNA sample to the dog, whose DNA it has already gathered using a cheek swab. However, it’s expensive, and I want to know if I can charge my tenants for it. –David R.

A: You’re referring to Poo Prints, a company that does just what you describe. The company’s website explains the service — and the cost. Landlords who have 20 or more dogs to swab at the same time pay about $30 per dog; single collections (for new tenants) run about $35. Collection kits cost $10, and a lab analysis is about $50.