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‘Elemental’ California home mixes fire, water

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Editor’s note: The following item is republished with permission of See the original article: Invoking The Elemental: Santa Fe Minimalism On Market For $8.4 Million.

Once upon a time, back before biochemistry, laser surgery, and modern medicine, mankind understood the composition of the universe by breaking it down into four basic elements: earth, air, fire and water. It was thought that having all these elements in equal proportion brought balance to one’s life.

We may have come quite a ways since the chemistry of ancient Greece, but the idea of elemental balance is one that still attracts, and this elemental five-bed, seven-bath home in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., shows what harmony can come from seeking equilibrium.

The streamlined home, envisioned by top architect Wallace Cunningham, smartly blends the four elements into a building of quiet and refreshing symmetry. Water and fire literally surround the home in the form of a minimalist water feature: a rock-lined river lined with flame-like lamps that burn brightly in the evening light.

The water element is extended by an Infinity swimming pool in the backyard that curves gently into the large covered patio at the back of the house. The property is set on 3.6 acres of cleanly landscaped lawn and slope, inviting enjoyment of the earth element.

rancho santa fe house-kitchen

rancho santa fe house-living room

Inside, the 7,989-square-foot-house is firmly anchored to the earth by variegated flagstone floors, columnar fireplaces, and polished wood trim. Meanwhile, air and light are welcomed in through expansive windows, high ceilings, and skylights. In the living areas, retractable walls open up to create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. This home is priced at $8.4 million.

Rancho Santa Fe House-dining room

Rancho Santa Fe House-living room

Rancho Santa Fe House-living room

Rancho Santa Fe House-living room

Rancho Santa Fe House-patio

Rancho Santa Fe House-patio

Rancho Santa Fe House- landscaped backyard

Rancho Santa Fe House- modern front door

Rancho Santa Fe House-water feature

Rancho Santa Fe House-water feature

Rancho Santa Fe House-water feature-modern front door

Rancho Santa Fe House-stairs-modern front door

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