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A Web, marketing platform for large brokers

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Company name
Company website
Revenue model/cost Monthly subscription. Price varies by size of brokerage and details of tailored service
Intended audience/users Real estate brokers and franchisees
Key features 1. Search engine optimization.
  2. Companywide participation analytics.
3. Social media-integrated customer relationship management system.
Company launch 1999
Company summary Minnesota-based real estate technology and marketing solutions consultant that offers a streamlined, uniform-formatted Web platform for multi-office real estate brokerages.

By formatting a company’s website, from front end to back end, helps larger real estate brokerages develop a consistent Web presence, better manage their online activity, and dramatically increase their search engine optimization, said Ed Kohler,’s strategic marketing officer.

The service, which brokerages subscribe to on a per-month basis, transforms the intranet and the consumer-facing side of a brokerage’s website and also gives a grade for different SEO-related tasks, Kohler said. For example, it displays, in one intranet view of the site, information like how many blog posts have been done for the month or how many listings have at least 21 photos, among other items.

This view communicates clearly the company’s SEO-increasing goals and whether an agent or a brokerage has met a certain facet of SEO strategy using red- and green-colored signals, Kohler said. All of this leads to clients earning higher SEO scores, he said.

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The back end of the system also allows agents to create websites, manage lead generation, inventory and customer relationships. And there’s a function to import Facebook contacts, along with valuable relationship-building data, like birth dates, spouses’ names and other details, Kohler said.

The company launched in 1999 and has slowly added features like a recent service to manage all of an agent’s contact information in one convenient location, Kohler said. It’s also gravitated to higher-end broker clients, he said.

Right now, Kohler said about three dozen brokerages in the U.S. with about 15,000 agents are using the service, and about 250 more brokerages in Canada.

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