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Austin brokerage pulls listings, ads from Trulia

The GoodLife Team cites ads for competing agents appearing on premium listings

The GoodLife Team -- a small, independent real estate brokerage based in Austin, Texas -- has stopped syndicating its listings and canceled its advertising on real estate search and marketing site Trulia, citing ads for competing agents appearing next to their premium listings. Jack Miller, the 17-agent firm's chief technology officer, announced the decision in a YouTube video posted Tuesday.  "Effective Monday, we signed all of our cancellation papers, we desyndicated from Trulia, and GoodLife Team homes for sale will no longer appear there. I believe this is the best move for us as a brokerage to take care of our sellers," Miller said in the video. "Fundamentally, what Trulia did there and why we decided to pull out was they broke our brand promise to our sellers," Miller said. "Our brand promise is that we're going to do everything in our power to market their home for sale in ways that are effective and that we're going to track all of the inquiries and m...