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Commentary: Brokers willing to go to extremes to attract free agents
Published on Nov 21, 2012 | Updated on Apr 23, 2013

By MATT BEALLI've never run a professional sports organization, but from all the media obsession and scrutiny about it, it sure seems a lot like running a real estate brokerage.Free agents. Prima donnas. Coaching. Trades. Salary caps. Talent attractions. Farm systems. Draft picks. Culture. Maybe I should be the new GM of the Dallas Cowboys.Free agentsAgents are usually independent contractors. They're free to sign on with another organization for any reason. They have to like the culture of their team. They have to feel like it's a winning team. They have to see value in what being on the team provides for their career. And they have to like their contract.As owners, we all live with the reality that any of our talent could walk out the door at any minute. We have to perform.Salary capsSure, in professional sports, salary caps are dictated by the league. But real estate brokerages have salary caps, too. You can't just overpay everybody. There has to be enoug...