Southern Indiana brokerage now ‘ERA powered’

Schuler Bauer Real Estate Services also serves Louisville market


Realogy Holdings Corp. franchisor ERA Real Estate has announced the addition of New Albany, Ind.-based Schuler Bauer Real Estate Services to the "ERA Powered" wing of its franchise network today.

ERA Powered franchisees retain more autonomy than other franchisees when it comes to local branding. But as members of the ERA network, their yard signs and other materials include the ERA logo. While not completely rebranding, participating brokerages take advantage of the franchise’s lead management system, training and referral network.

Now doing business as Schuler Bauer Real Estate Services ERA Powered, the brokerage has three offices and 115 sales associates serving the southern Indiana and Louisville, Ky., markets. The firm did $200 million in sales volume over the last 12 months, according to the company.

"The addition of Schuler Bauer Real Estate Services ERA Powered to the ERA system marks the entry into a new market for our brand," said Charlie Young, president and CEO of ERA Real Estate, in a statement.

"As a member of the ERA system, we can leverage the tools, technology and resources of a global brand to build on our local presence, expand our service area and create a more permanent foothold in the Louisville market," said D.J. Hines, chairman of the new franchisee.

ERA Real Estate has more than 30,000 brokers and sales associates and 2,400 offices in the U.S. and 35 countries and territories, according to the company.

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