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Onvedeo syndicating video to listing portals

Trulia, Craigslist among current partners

A new real estate-focused video-hosting company wants to make videos a part of every listing by syndicating the videos it hosts to large real estate portals on behalf of agents, and connecting brokers and agents with videographers vetted by the company.

“YouTube is great for hosting, but not for finding real estate,” said Onvedeo founder and CEO Boubou Guiro.

San Francisco-based Onvedeo hosts videos that agents upload to the site, and feeds them to six property portals including Trulia and Craigslist on a nightly basis, Guiro said. He expects the number of syndication partners will surpass 20 in the coming weeks.

After setting up an account on Onvedeo, agents can upload video, including footage captured using iPhones and iPads, to the platform (support for Android devices is also in the works). Onvedeo then encodes the footage in nine different formats and sizes, making it viewable on desktop and mobile devices via Flash, HTML5 and other systems.

Onvedeo founder and CEO Boubou Guiro explains the company’s video-hosting platform.

The company plans to release a broker product, which will allow firms to white-label its platform and place it on their own websites.

Onvedeo is also looking to be a video-production hub, connecting brokers and agents with videographers. Brokers and agents will be able to engage and pay filmmakers via the site soon, Guiro said.

A broker or agent would make an order, with opportunities for bulk discounts, and a filmmaker would complete the project and upload the videos. The brokers and agents would check over the video and approve it before it would go live.

Screen shot of Onvedeo’s homepage.

Eventually, Guiro said, Onvedeo wants to bring video to every property detail page.

Currently, property detail pages on the portals include a link to Onvedeo’s videos, when applicable. But Guiro hopes that the videos will eventually be embedded directly into the listings, like photos are.

If Onvedeo is able to ensure a base level of quality, Guiro said, the portals might consider embedding property videos hosted on the platform.

Pricing has not been finalized at the agent level, Guiro said, but he expects the service to cost from $29 to $50 per month. Pricing at the broker level will be determined by the firm’s size and how many agents will be using the system, he said.

Onvedeo is working on other products, too, Guiro said, including a social media component for agents that will help them market their videos themselves.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to remove references to Zillow. Onvedeo is not syndicating to Zillow at this time.

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