Agent’s for-sale sign references world’s oldest profession

#madREskillz: 'i'm the only form of love you can buy legally,' reads a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based agent's sign

When 24-year-old Michael Burgess first became a real estate agent, he drove around the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to see how other agents were advertising their listings to passersby.He wasn’t impressed.Nearly all the for-sale signs Burgess (@RealtyFTL) saw seemed to cleave to a staid model that had just three features, he said: A head shot from 1996, the words "for sale," and a phone number.Sensing an opportunity to set himself apart from other agents, Burgess resolved to create signage that would turn heads and never elicit yawns, he said.“If I wanted to get noticed and have a chance at a successful real estate career, I needed to do something differently," Burgess said in an email. "I wanted to reflect a personality, a feel that real estate could be enjoyable and fun!"One of his latest signs, the winner of last week’s #madREskillz contest, represents an audacious attempt to execute on that strategy.“I'm the only form of love you can buy legally...